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 ETTE ( Skift til norsk tekst )

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Environmental Turbine Technology development program
by Gunnar
Ettestøl, ETTE Elektro, Vegårshei, Norway

THE CLIMATE THREAT'S COUNTERFORCES : Effective climate measures

HTML Presentation of Flying Balloon Power Supply

   HTML Presentation of Solar Desalination Systems.

PDF Presentation Article of Solar Desalination Systems.

   Presentations, Article, Bachelor Dissertation and Videos of:

   Articles and drawings of:   Climate change countermeasures
Solar Collector Array with Sterling Engines for Desalination of Seawater.


  Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines ( HAWT ) 3 types of small HAWTs
  Pitch controlled with Induction or Permanent Magnet Generators.

  Vertical A xis Wind T urbines ( VAWT ) 2 types of small VAWTs.
  Self starting Vertical Turbine with Pitch control and PM Generator.

   Small Hydro Turbines (Water Turbines) designed for low head waterfalls
   and low budgets. One example of Modified Crossflow and 2 examples of

   Vertical Hydro Power Turbines, with high efficiencies
are presented here.
   Floating Vertical Hydro Turbines are designed for use in river and tidal flows.

Permanent Magnet Generators
Axial PMG
  The use of low speed Permanent Magnet Generators (
PMG ) for Wind
  and Hydro Turbines simplifes the mechanical design of the turbines.
  High reliability PM Generators are in development.
Four types of PMG.

    Norway has abundant energy sources in unused privately owned high
    wind locations and nonprotected rivers.

    You may see some interesting background information here.

    Various www links. Including links to design theory for wind turbines,
    PM generators and small hydro turbines.

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