Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines ( HAWT )

2 basic types of small HAWTs, small windmills with 2 blades, are presented here.
For both types, the use of
Permanent Magnet Generators ( PMG ) is essential.
The use of Toroidal Stator
PMG with Airgap Windings reduces size, weight
and costs of these
small HAWTs, some truly unique wind energy systems.
The energy cost from the 15 kW turbine will be on the level of $ 0.03 / kWh
at 3000 hours/year in average wind speed of 10 m/s.

"Personal Wind Turbines", small wind driven generators.

A) 5 to 12 kW free yaw "airplane" types.

Outline for a 5 kW Turbine with PM Generator @ 11 m/s: See: PWT5

Pitch regulated wings. 2 or 3 bladed design. Rotor speed 240 RPM.
Anemometer and electromechanical pitch control. Tail vane for yaw control.
Permanent Magnet Generator, 5 kW, 24 pole. AC - DC - AC converter.

Price estimate for a 5 kW free yaw "airplane" PMG type : $ 6000.-
( AC - DC - AC converter is NOT incuded.)

B) 15 to 50 kW yaw controlled types.

Outline for a 15 kW Turbine with PM Generator @ 11 m/s: See: PWT15

If you are interested in the Nacelle design of the 15 kW Turbine with PM
Please contact: epost_elektro[at]

Description of the 15kW unit: Hinged, damped and pitch regulated wings.
Rotor, speed 150 RPM, with brake. Permanent Magnet Generator, Double
Side Axial Flux, 15 kW, 40 pole. Yaw motor, anemometer and wind vane.
AC - DC - AC converter and system control microcomputer.

Price estimate for a 15 kW PMG type, Pitch and Yaw controlled : $ 15000.-
( AC - DC - AC converter is NOT incuded.)

Design of a 15 kW Turbine with Induction Generator: See: PWT15KWA

The towers for A) and B) are hinged on ground and may be raised with
a standard 4 wheel drive tractor.

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