Climate Change, Global Warming, CO2 capture, CO2 uptake, Solar Energy, Pumped-Storage Power Plant, Climate
Threats, Solar Power, Desalination, Forestation, Irrigation, Deserts, Arid Land, Deforestation, Disaster Mitigation,
Mitigate, Self-sustained, Subtropical, Albedo, Conifer Forest, Boreal, Pumping Array, Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
ETTE, Gunnar Ettestøl, Vegårshei, Norway

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2010 ARTICLE: Climate change countermeasures.pdf
Grand scale forest preservation and forestation, solar energy and offshore wind power.

2007 ARTICLE : Solar Energy: The climate threat's counterforce.

Solar Collector Array for Desalination, Water Pumping and Pumped Storage Electric Power Plant :

Prinsiples for Desalination, research articles:

2009 MIT Open Courseware : Desalination and Water Purification

2008 Elsevier article : Solar and wind opportunities for water desalination

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