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Norway has abundant energy sources in unused privately owned high
wind locations and small rivers.

Norway has several high wind locations from Lindesnes to Kirkenes.

The Norwegian government is in these days giving licences to the first
large Wind Parks in Norway.

Along the beautiful Norwegian coast you can find locations with high average
winds, where large wind turbines or wind parks can disturb the landscape.

Small or medium sized wind turbines may be placed on theese locations
without affecting the scenery in a negative way.

Norway has hydro power resources in small rivers.

Some of the presently unused small rivers had small local power plants in
the first period of electrification in Norway. Small hydro powered sawmill
were also built in great numbers in the period from 1830 to 1930.
You may still find remainings of such installations all over Norway,
mostly dams or ducts built with natural stones and concrete.
Small hydro power plants may be built or rebuilt on such location
without affecting fish or people. And of course elsewhere if the
price is right and the rivers are not protected.

The low electricity prices in Norway demands low equipment prices.

This means that both smal wind turbines and micro hydro turbines models
must be manufactured to low prices. This can be achieved through
compact and cost effective design.

Project funding.

I started the project i 1993. The basic designs which you can see in the
attached picture folders, were done in 1997 and 1998.
The project is funded by myself, and with a small amount from
Aust-Agder countys district development fund.
The designs are not yet commercial (1999).

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